Distinctive, hand-drawn surface pattern design and fabrics that elevate projects and products

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

Surface Pattern Design

Bespoke or ready-made repeat patterns and illustrations to customise your products and gain a unique edge.

+ Clothing
+ Wallpaper
+ Fabrics+ Packaging
+ Homewares
+ Art Prints

Boutique Fabric Collections

I recently created a new fabric range containing my exclusive pattern screen printed in New Zealand on beautiful linen which is sourced locally.

+ Beautiful & Eco Fabrics
+ Sustainable Printing Process
+ Exclusive Pattern
+ 100% Ethical
+ Locally Sourced Fabrics
+ New Zealand Designed & Printed

About Maggie Lam

A career as an artist was not an option when growing up in a traditional Hong Kong household. But Maggie's passion for drawing was destined to shine.  

"I remember that from a very young age, I would spend hours drawing and creating" says Maggie. "But I thought that being an artist was impossible. Even when I won a scholarship in Fine Arts, I still didn't believe that the thing I loved doing was ever going to be a real part of my future".

What does a surface pattern designer do?

A surface pattern is a design that is either a single graphic or a repetitive pattern, to be printed on products for industries in apparel, home decor, stationery, craft and so much more. 

The patterns you find on fabrics, home d├ęcor, wallpaper and packaging of products are designed by surface designers.  A surface designer will create the initial design either by hand or digitally. I begin by hand using watercolour, gouache, ink or charcoal and then finalise my designs
digitally so they can used in a multitude of ways.

Once designed, the pattern is then printed onto a surface. It could be printed on anything from fabric, canvas, papers, wood, ceramic, or even plastic.

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

.. the team loves all your designs.. You did a great job thank you!

-Ben Bali Luxe Wear

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