Distinctive, hand-drawn surface pattern design and fabrics that elevate projects and products

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

Surface Pattern Design

Bespoke or ready-made repeat patterns and illustrations to customise your products and gain a unique edge.

+ Clothing
+ Wallpaper
+ Fabrics+ Packaging
+ Homewares
+ Art Prints

Boutique Fabric Collections

I recently created a new fabric range containing my exclusive pattern screen printed in New Zealand on beautiful linen which is sourced locally.

+ Beautiful & Eco Fabrics
+ Sustainable Printing Process
+ Exclusive Pattern
+ 100% Ethical
+ Locally Sourced Fabrics
+ New Zealand Designed & Printed

About Maggie Lam

A career as an artist was not an option when growing up in a traditional Hong Kong household. But Maggie's passion for drawing was destined to shine.  

"I remember that from a very young age, I would spend hours drawing and creating" says Maggie. "But I thought that being an artist was impossible. Even when I won a scholarship in Fine Arts, I still didn't believe that the thing I loved doing was ever going to be a real part of my future".

What does a surface pattern designer do?

A surface pattern is a design that is either a single graphic or a repetitive pattern, to be printed on products for industries in apparel, home decor, stationery, craft and so much more. 

The patterns you find on fabrics, home décor, wallpaper and packaging of products are designed by surface designers.  A surface designer will create the initial design either by hand or digitally. I begin by hand using watercolour, gouache, ink or charcoal and then finalise my designs
digitally so they can used in a multitude of ways.

Once designed, the pattern is then printed onto a surface. It could be printed on anything from fabric, canvas, papers, wood, ceramic, or even plastic.

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

Thank you Maggie for all your hard work on this with us, it’s truly appreciated.  This print really will allow us to be fun, whimsical and impactful for the Holiday season and we cant wait to share where things lead us.

Thank you for partnering with us on creating this beautiful custom print.



Manager, Art Department
Holt Renfrew

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