What is surface pattern design?

Custom designed prints for your textile or paper products and garments

A surface pattern is a design that is either a single graphic or a repetitive pattern, to be printed on products for industries in apparel, home decorations, paper goods, craft and more. 

The patterns you find on fabrics, home décor, wallpaper and packaging of products are designed by surface designers.  A surface designer will create the initial design either by hand or digitally. I begin by hand using watercolour, gouache, ink or charcoal and then finalise my designs digitally so they can used in a multitude of ways.

Once designed, the pattern is then printed onto a surface. It could be printed on anything from fabric, canvas, papers, wood, ceramic, or even plastic.

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Fabric
Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Baby Wear
Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Fabric
Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Baby Wear
Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Fabric

Bespoke and custom designs

Beautiful patterns for your products

I help you create the perfect custom pattern for your creative project, business or brand. 

I love to collaborate and really hear what it is you want to achieve - then find the creative solutions to bring something truly original to reality for you.

Whether you need custom-made lining for a jacket in your upcoming winter range, a bespoke design for gift packaging, or a beautiful print for muslin baby wraps you’ll sell at a market, I have the versatility, creativity and passion you need to ensure a stunning end product you will love.

I’m discreet with any discussions we have about your business and all designs we create. My goal is always that you will be thrilled with the end result. View the gallery to get inspired or simply get in touch.

Licensed designer patterns

Own the rights for use on exclusive designer patterns

Maggie's patterns celebrate the beauty of nature. They are full of life and joy. All the motifs within her patterns are initially hand-drawn or hand-painted. The patterns are then digitally created with seamless repeating patterns which can be either a single pattern or a collection of a few patterns mixed and repeated to create unique and inspiring patterns. These designer patterns can then be licensed to your business, company or product. 

Licensing is a great option for businesses who do not want to commit their time and money to create their own patterns.  By licensing a pattern, you are allowed exclusive use of a pattern for a certain amount of time (in addition to some other restrictions).

The designs are exquisite, luxurious and a bit edgy. Perfect for high quality products.

If you are looking for patterns to enhance your gorgeous products or amazing packaging, then Maggie could have the designs for you.

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam | Fabric
Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

Illustration and product packaging that stands out from the crowd

Product packaging is just as important as the product it contains

From the consumer's point of view, the packaging of a product is directly related to the quality of the product.  

If a company wants their products to stand out from the crowd and be noticeable on the shelf, not only do their products have to be outstanding, but the packaging has to be eye-grabbing. I can help you gain your customers attention by producing bespoke, distinctive and attractive packaging patterns. Watercolour, gouache, ink and charcoal are the mediums I use.

Beautiful patterns can evoke feelings of excitement and happiness. Products with unique and artful patterns would not only increase the value of the product, but also make the identity of the company stronger.  

And don’t forget the added value of using patterns on websites, newsletters, business cards, wedding or birthday invitations and more. 

Branding with pattern is powerful! If you have an interesting idea or project and you like my style then let's talk and start creating together.


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