The Maggie Lam process

What to expect when you work with Maggie

  1. The initial consultation is where she enters into discussion with her client.  Maggie listens to the client needs and provides solutions or the best option for the clients;  A quotation is also be provided. 
  2. Once the client accepts the quotation, Maggie sends out a draft agreement.  There may be more discussions around the draft agreement before a final agreement sent out.  
  3. The design process starts when the client sign the final agreement and pay a 50% deposit;
  4. The exciting part begins! Maggie starts with the design process by creating a mood-board, which she discusses and reviews with the client;
  5. Maggie then makes sketches of motifs which they then review together and finalise; 
  6. Now she starts creating the pattern, producing a first draft which is then sent to the client for review;
  7. She then revises the pattern and sends the second draft to the client for review before finalising the pattern;
  8. The rest of the agreed payment is received by Maggie before;
  9. Digital format of files are sent to the client.

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