Licensed Designer Patterns

Own the rights for use on exclusive designer patterns

My patterns celebrate the beauty of nature. They are full of life and joy. All the motifs within my patterns are initially hand-drawn or hand-painted by me, then digitally created with seamless repeatable style - choose either a single pattern or a collection of a few patterns mixed and repeated to create unique and inspiring surface design. These designer patterns can then be licensed to your business, company or product.

Licensing is a great option for businesses who need do not want to commit their time and money to create their own patterns.  By licensing a pattern, you are allowed exclusive use of a pattern for a certain amount of time (in addition to some other restrictions).

The designs are exquisite, luxurious and a bit edgy. Perfect for high-quality products.

The pattern catalogue is for the potential business partners who are interested in licensing my work.  Your application to create an account with us will not be approved without the name of your business.  I need this information to protect my work and the business partners who have licensed or will be licensing my work.  Thanks for your understanding.

One Stop Shop

Fabric Sourcing & Printing

If you are a small business and you are a craft person who does not have time to source the fabric, organise a pattern to be printed on the fabric, and have it ready to send to you, you are in the right place.

I am very pleased to offer you the service that will save your time and you are able to focus on the work that you love without worrying about the hassle.

Send me a message and see how I can help!


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