I am a contributing designer on Patternbank

Contributing To Premier Design Marketplace Patternbank!

Exciting news! I have recently become a contributing designer at Patternbank.

I am very particular about my stockists, collaborators, and where I license my patterns.  All of them have to be align with my business value and target audience.  When the opportunity to be on Patternbank arose, I jumped at it!

"Patternbank sells the finest handcrafted designs from a curated collection of highly skilled textile designers and artists..."

This is a line direct from their website and the message really resonated with me.  Patternbank is the place to go to discover beautiful design.

Who Are Patternbank?

Home to some of the world’s best designers, Patternbank is a central online hub where you can find all types of print, patterns and graphics. They offer the designs at a range of competitive prices so that you can get the very best for very little!

Their Licensing Options

Patternbank offers three different licensing options…

Standard: For designs that are used on a range of mediums such as website, e-books, apps, software, books, magazines, posters, packaging and more that are not for resale.

Extended: Allows you to tailor the license to your requirements, such as using it for up to 500 resale products, or items for resale + unlimited reproduction.

Premium: Looking for an exclusive design that only you or your company has the rights to use? Then a premium license is what you need!

All of these licensing options can be purchased from Patternbank’s online marketplace.

Who Uses Patternbank?

Because Patternbank has such a wide range of designs and prices, they are used by any and all businesses - from the smallest micro-business to the largest international brands.

“They also create inspirational print trend reports and provide consultancy to some of the biggest companies in the industry, including the likes of Nike, Marks&Spencer, Paperchase, Next and many more.” (source: CookiesHQ)

Find Me On Patternbank

I have my very own page on Patternbank to showcase a number of my designs.  Keep checking back as I will be adding more as inspiration strikes!

Here’s the link to my page on Patternbank: https://patternbank.com/maggielam-1

Here is a couple of my designs being licensed there:


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