Tips from Tenille Dyer Interiors

Tips when choosing drapery

I have come from a long line of fabric lovers. My mother and grandmother are very talented on the sewing machine, knitters and crochet artists.

When I was a little girl there were always patterns and fabrics getting cut out on the lounge room floor. I was always surrounded by texture and color and to this day, this is what excites me and motivates me. All of my favorite projects are ones where the client is wanting fabrics that are bold and different, these are the jobs I always remember fondly.

Fabric and textiles are so diverse and with every different kind of fibre, the use and application are so different.

Linens, cottons, felt, hemp, silks, polyester, voile, rayon, velvet, brocade, viscose and lace, all have their own benefits and personality. When I am specifying drapery for a client, many details are taken into consideration as to which textiles would be best. These details can include use, texture, aesthetics, light block, weight and durability. Fabric longevity and ongoing care are also factors taken into consideration.

Knowing these details, clear communication between myself and my clients, and always working within their budgets, allows me to provide the best solutions and results. I take great pride in the knowledge and service that I offer my clients.


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