Interview with Tenille Dyer from Tenille Dyer Interiors

This month, I was really lucky to sit down with Tenille Dyer from Tenille Dyer Interiors to talk about the work she does in Interior Design. Just like me, Tenille has a passion for patterns and fabrics - she specialises in gorgeous window treatments for new builds and renovations.

My interview time with her was really fascinating, here is what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I am an interior designer and window treatment specialist based in the Waikato. My clientele includes anybody who is renovating or building a new home and require guidance.

I started out in the industry twelve years ago in furniture and fabrics, then evolved into windows treatments. The reasons I get out of bed in the morning are my wonderful clients, the variety that each client project gives me and my passion for textiles and colour.

Does your art or design have a particular style?

I love many interior styles. I don’t have one set style that I keep repeating.

My method is mainly about listening to my client's requirements and finding the best solutions. Each client and project is so different. Window treatments require special attention and are a specialised field. Window use, shape and size need to be taken into consideration to get the best results.

Is there any particular colour palette that you use when you design?  How do current colour trends influence your design?

New build projects offer a clean slate, when you can guide your clients to a particular colour or design option, then the options become endless. Renovations can sometimes be a little trickier as there is always something that you need to take into consideration. Often things need to remain, due to cost or building constraints, like terracotta tiles for example or a window in the wrong place. Colour trends are something I tend to focus attention in small accents, like rugs or cushions.

Does trend play a big part in your design?

Trends come and go, but a stylish and liveable interior is what I think is most important.

With a renovation, it’s about getting longevity out of change.

If your customers are renovating their living room on a small budget and want to focus on one item, what do you suggest would make the biggest impact?

If a renovation is happening on a limited budget,  the biggest impact would come from a fresh lick of paint and new drapes. Well worth the financial outlay!

If you would love to see the beautiful work that Tenille does with window coverings, then you can check out her website here… https://www.tenilledyerinteriors.co.nz/

Stay tuned as Tenille will be sharing her knowledge and expertise with us in the coming months in a regular blog appearance.


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