How Artwork Can Brighten Your Day

Have you ever felt like smiling just because you looked at something amazing?

Well, artwork has the power to do that for you every day. The intricacies of the work, the subject matter and the feelings and emotions created can brighten your whole day.

Can Art Make You Happy?

Research has proven that simply looking at a piece of art that resonates with you can make you feel happy.

Professor Zeki from the University College London undertook a study with a neurobiologist to see the effects that artwork had on the brain. The results showed that when the test subjects viewed a piece of artwork they liked, it increased the levels of dopamine (the happy hormone) in their brains. It also showed heightened activity in the brain’s frontal cortex.

So what does it all mean?

In short, this study proved that looking at artwork produced the same kind of brain activity that we feel when we are in love. So it is no wonder that art can put a smile on your face!

What About The Artists?

There is scientific evidence to prove that viewing art can make you happy, but what about creating art?

Well, there has been a long held belief by mental health professionals that there is a direct link between creative expression and positivity. That belief is backed by research that suggests creating works of art can improve your mood, hone your problem solving skills, and help you think outside the box.

How Does Art Make You Feel?

To prove these scientific theories, you only have to ask yourself how art makes you feel. When you look at it does it cause a sudden rush of emotion?

Artwork has the power to do many things, whether you create it yourself or simply love to look at it. So next time you need to brighten your day, maybe a trip to the Art Gallery is in order?


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