How Creativity Helps Productivity

Almost everyone strives to be productive. Whether it is in your job, in your business, while doing the housework, or getting through a list of errands. But productivity can be elusive. One day you have it, the next it is a distant memory.

Did you know that creativity can help boost your productivity? I know it seems strange as the two concepts are like chalk and cheese. But this is how…

How Creativity Can Help Your Productivity

Work Beyond Your Boundaries

Doing something the same way it has always been done does not equal productivity. In fact, there could be a better more productive way to complete a task. Creativity allows you to push past your boundaries, think outside the box, and innovate.

Gives You A Bigger Picture

Being able to think creatively lets you look beyond the day to day tasks and to see the bigger picture. Seeing how everything fits together allows you to make a bigger impact as you can focus your energies on the right things.

Allows For Change

Mindless repetitive tasks are boring, it is no wonder that productivity flies out the window where they are concerned. Creative thinking allows you to open your mind to new ideas and the possibility of change. Those tasks might not have to be boring and repetitive any more if done in a different way.

Take Ownership

When you are hit with a great creative idea, you are passionate about it. When passion is involved, you become more invested in turning that idea into a reality. You take ownership, determined to see it through to the end. That determination and focus creates productivity also.

Removes The Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure cripples productivity. Fear keeps you within the safe zone, never daring breaking out. That means your likelihood of improving, refining, or becoming more effective is low. But what if you didn’t fail, what if you learned from your mistake and used it as a starting point for your next creative idea? You would always be productive!

While you wouldn’t immediately think that creativity and productivity go together, I can assure you they do. I have creative thoughts spilling out of me all day long and they drive me to complete projects to move onto the next idea.

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