You Don't Need Words To Tell Your Story

There is more than one way to tell a story. A story does not NEED words when you have the power of the visual description. Tell your story with pictures...

There is more than one way to tell a story. It does not have to start with ‘Once Upon A Time’. It does not even have to start with words of any kind. You can tell your story visually, by using pictures, photos, paintings, sketches, colours and patterns.

A story does not NEED words when you have the power of the visual description.

Tell Your Story With Pictures

What Is Storytelling?

Storytelling is a journey of discovery, wonder and enlightenment. Yes, many of our modern stories are written in books and on webpages. But that is not always how they were told.

Ever heard the saying that ‘a picture can tell a thousand words’?

Well our ancient ancestors knew this all too well. They would leave their stories for future generations by painting about their lives in the walls and ceilings of caves. Some of these story paintings have survived tens of thousands of years. The Egyptians even created a whole language out of little pictures with hieroglyphics.

Even today when our children are learning to read, they are encouraged to look at the illustrations on the page to work out what the words are trying to say. So the human race are very used to telling their stories with pictures.

The Power Of Pictures

The amazing thing about telling stories with pictures is that there are no barriers. They go beyond a certain language or comprehension level. People of all cultures and ages can relate to a picture. They can see the visual representation and apply their own critical thinking to it.

Pictures invoke creativity in people as there can be many meanings to an image. They encourage people to apply their own experiences and thought processes to tell the story behind them. It is a village based way to tell your story as it can encourage discussion amongst friends and family.

I find that I can tell so many stories with just one piece of artwork. And I love to hear what my images mean to other people - what they see in them and what memories they trigger. Art is incredibly powerful and that is why I am so passionate about it. 


Serenity is the title of this painting of mine.  What is the story behind this painting?  A calm Sunday morning at the corner of backyard admiring the nature.  What is your story?  Share with us!  I would love to read about it.


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