Hi, my name is Maggie Lam and I'm the pattern designer you need

After many years working in the bureaucratic world of council planning, I took a giant leap of faith to turn my true love of drawing, painting and pattern design into my dream vocation. I love working with companies of all kinds - from sole traders with a vision to bigger companies who need bespoke creations for their displays and packaging.

My passion is to combine art and design when creating repeat patterns to use on almost anything. I love to collaborate and really hear what it is you want to achieve - then finding the creative solutions to bring something truly original to reality for you!

If you have been wondering how you can make your brilliant project happen, I may just be the person you need.

I’m discreet with any discussions we have about your business and all designs we create. The patterns I create are unique not only because they are original artworks, but many others in this industry tend to create their motifs and patterns only on the computer. My motifs that are initially hand-drawn with either with ink or gouache on paper so what you get is simply one-of-a-kind. 

My goal is always that you will be thrilled with the end result so let's talk!

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

My story

I was born in Hong Kong and came to New Zealand in 1991. After 5 years in Wellington, I’m now living in Auckland with my husband and two amazing children. I am so proud to call New Zealand home. It is a creator’s dream to live here with beauty around every corner. Not only is the scenery and wildlife magnificent, but the people are too.

I have always loved art and drawing. I studied Fine Art in school and received a Scholarship for tertiary study. During my corporate career in town planning, I continued to dabble in painting and design outside of work, knowing it was my true calling. 

In 2015, I finally decided that it was time to pursue my passion. Thus, Tiny Dots was born. 

I began working full time on my art and created two original pattern collections, while also working with various businesses to create patterns for their fabrics and surfaces. In 2018, I launched my new website under my own name and started promoting myself as an artist and surface designer. I am absolutely grateful to be able to do what I love.

My inspiration

My creations are most commonly nature inspired, though I am also inspired by the things I see around me every day. Sometimes I’ll see a tiny object, or meet an amazing person on the street that inspires me to create. I aim to inspire more people to appreciate our nature and environments which often get taken for granted.

Surface Pattern Design + Illustration | Maggie Lam

My style

Each pattern of mine is full of life and energy. I love creating exquisite and classical patterns. I often enjoy adding whimsical elements to them to make the patterns more interesting and exciting. 

Mostly, I am a self taught artist and surface designer, but in order to develop my skill and ensure that I stay up-to-date with design trends, I am continuously taking various courses related to surface pattern designs and illustrations. 

I am dedicated to my customers and their visions, and aim to produce work I, and they, can be proud of.

My mission

My mission is to create art and patterns that inspire and brighten others with creativity. I want to showcase the beauty of the world in my patterns. It is important to me that my brand is environmentally focused and that we support ethically made products.

We are as tiny as dots in this universe. Individually we are each so small, that we forget how powerful we can be when we work as a team. I believe that we can change the world to be better, one step at a time. That is why I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses to create amazing patterns to be shared with the world on fabric, stationery, home décor and artwork. 

If you think we would work well together then let's talk!

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